Divine Olomo

Degree: Politics


Place of origin: Nigeria


About Me: Hi, my name is Divine Olomo and I am Politics student. I was born in London however, I grew up in Essex. When I moved to Essex, all those years ago, there wasn’t a lot of diversity nor inclusion. As a result, my brothers and I were bound to experience intense forms of racism and discrimination from the start. This is why it is all the more important for me to do well in everything and succeed.

Though Essex has improved over the years, coming to York reminded me of my beginnings - a lack of diversity, and multiculturalism. Given this, I am in a privileged position to understand the pressure for African and Caribbean students to work hard and prove to themselves and their surroundings "I deserve to be here." That's why ACS is for me, a sanctuary. It's not just about having a ‘lit’ time but also having a family that believes in me and supports me. As welfare officer I am HERE FOR YOU ALL THE WAY. (I'm your friend and I want want to see you flourish academically, socially and spiritually).

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