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Transition from college/sixth form to university: ACS Edition

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

The transition from college/sixth form to university is huge. The main difference for me, was the level of independence you have. There will be no teachers pushing you to work or nagging you to do your homework, if you don’t keep on track be assured you will fall behind. Here are some handy tips on how to maintain the workload :).

TIP #1 USE THE LIBRARY - The library has various services for you! From a range of books, articles and journals, computers and even a TV screen where you can catch shows with your friends!. If the Library isn't for you, try out the Spring Lane Building (SLB), Ron Cooke Hub, The Piazza or maybe book a Seminar room online. There are TONS of places to study at Uni.

TIP #2 BE PROACTIVE - Come to your seminars with the needed content ready to learn, try to attend all your lectures (yes even the 9ams) I promise you, you’ll thank yourself during exam season. The lectures actually help.

TIP #3 CHECK THE VLE - This is an online learning portal. More often than not it will serve as a way for your lecturers to get key content to you. You will submit assignments, complete tasks and more through the VLE - so remember to check it regularly!

TIP #4 - STICK TO DEADLINES - If there is a deadline set, meet it. Don’t do it the day after as you will fall behind. Also try not to leave your work till the last minute (we’ve all been there and we’ve all regretted it; don't let that be you).

TIP #5 - Get a planner or diary so you can set out your tasks.

TIP #6 But also enjoy! - At Uni hopefully your doing a course that you enjoy so have fun, before you know it you’ll be graduating and moving onto bigger and better things.

Peace and love,

Sara Grey-Elsharif - Welfare officer.


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