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Things to remember during freshers: ACS Freshers Edition

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Freshers week will be an experience to remember and although living your best life is important, it’s also important to remain safe at all times. Here are some things to remember during freshers week.

TIP #1 Don’t be stupid - Alcohol is fun but overuse is dangerous, you don’t want to be spending nights in A&E (Believe us it happens). Be aware of your intake!

TIP #2 Stay with your friends - Although York is a relatively safe area, the streets can be extremely dark at night so try stick with friends after a night out and not wonder alone.

TIP #3 Remember there are taxis - Although buses run regular at night if you ever urgently need to get home taxis are safe and available. Streamline offer students a 10% discount their number is 01904 656565.

TIP #4 Know who to report to - Should there be any issues, there are a range of people you can go to. If it is an emergency call 999, if you need medical assistance but it is not an emergency call 111. More information about campus security can also be found here : https://www.york.ac.uk/admin/security/.

Lastly, if you need to talk I am always available and will assist where I can - my email is sge503@york.ac.uk.

Peace and love,

Sara Grey-Elsharif - Welfare officer.


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