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Making Friends at York is easy

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Don’t PaNiC - You’ll be fine!

University is most definitely a once in a lifetime experience and you’ll make some awesome friends and create memories that will stay with you throughout university and long after. Remember it’s a fresh start for everyone; so be yourself, approach people and making friends will be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

TIP #1- Get involved in as many clubs and societies as possible ( especially ACS ;) )

At York we have so many societies and sport clubs available for you to get involved in!

There is so much that will be going on, both in ACS as well as the uni as a whole - there has got to be something that interests you!

These clubs and societies are great for meeting people, and most of them (if not all) throw social gatherings where you can meet people from every year at our university.

At a lot of the ACS events, you’ll probably find me behind a camera taking pictures ( Esoiya photography), don’t forget to say hello! :)

TIP #2 - Talk to people on your course

Speak to everyone on your course as it can only enhance your learning and expand your circle of friends. My advice would be to be relaxed and try and speak to as many people as you can especially during Fresher’s week and the second week of university. You’ll end up having friends before you know it!

After these first two weeks, if your course is like mine you’ll do a lot of group work with different people.

If you’re lucky and you get to choose who you work with all the time, don’t just pick the same person or people to work with. This way you’ll get to know everyone on your course!

From Ose, 

Liaison Officer.


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