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6 Tips for surviving at the University of York: ACS Edition

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Coming to university is hard, especially when you move miles away from home, however, do not worry, it’s an amazing experience that you WILL enjoy. When I told my family I was coming to York, everyone just imagined a deserted area, with cows and sheep (although not far off) there is A LOT more to york than that, and trust me you will make some life long friends. This blog aims to give you some top tips for surviving at York and aims to ease your worries!

TIP #1 - JOIN ACS! ( African-Caribbean Society)

Firstly, JOIN ACS and attend our meet and greet, girls night and fifa sesh that we will be holding at the start of term one. This will enable you to meet new students in a similar situation to yourselves. ACS is like a big family, you’ll instantly make new friends and feel comfortable at Uni

TIP #2 Get to know the places to be!!

For the best nights out try ‘Kuda Tuesday, Tiki Bar’,Revs Sunday, Upstairs’ or ‘Vudu Thursdays’ (These clubs play Afrobeats, Hip Hop,Bashment, Grime etc.)

For all your hair needs try : Hair City in town (They sell cantu, cream of nature, oils, xpression etc.)

For a fresh trim, try out King Koby.

For your international food e.g Plantin, Rice, Gari try Freshways.

TIP #3 Dare to be brave!

Come out of your comfort zone! Be positive, talk to new people, join a unique society, play a sport, sign up for College roles. Don’t isolate yourself in your room, there's always something to do at Uni!

Gather a group of friends and explore York, it’s a beautiful place with amazing restaurants.

TIP #4 Health Is WEALTH

Protect yourself from the freshers flu by carrying hand sanitizer and washing your hands regularly. Don’t make the same mistakes we did; Freshers Flu is a real thing! (oh and get ready for the coughing orchestra’s in your Week 2 lectures).

TIP #5 Branch OUT!

Remember Leeds is only 20 minutes on the train! With even more clubs, food spots and hair shops, barbers. Make sure to take a quick trip there.

Peace and Love,

Sara Grey-Elsharif - Welfare officer.


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