Wignii Mtopo

Degree: Business Management

Place of Origin: Zimbabwe


My name is Wignii, I’m a second year student studying BSc Business and Management and secretary of Revival Society. I love dancing and performing arts and I’m a gym bunny.


Being involved in ACS has really opened my eyes about what it means to be me, what it means to be where I come from - something easy to forget as an ethnic minority. ACS has introduced me to so many amazing friends that I know I’ll have for life but also helped me settle in so much easier than if I didn’t get involved. It is a very welcoming society not exclusive to “black people” only.


Coming from a predominantly non-black background before uni, there was so much I was unaware of and so many features overlooked. I’ve gotten the chance to gain access to amazing opportunities and experiences as well as making friends from other ACS committees countrywide.


My main goal is to make sure those connections will continue to strengthen and to bring more opportunities in various fields worthy unforgettable experiences to the incoming society members.

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