Opeoluwa Ajanaku (Ope)

Degree: Philosophy


Place of Origin: Nigeria


About Me: Being born in London, I was accustomed to diversity from an early age. However, attending a boarding school in Hertfordshire for my secondary education, I began to learn a lot more about what it meant to be a minority student, and the consequent effects it has on our portrayal. Finishing, my secondary education at a boarding school in the depths of Scotland, I was hit with some sobering truths. The under-representation of BME students across parts of the UK is striking. I quickly learned of the ignorance of my neighbour for black and or African culture. Coming to the University of York, I expected much of the same however, ACS has afforded to me the opportunity to meet new BME students, celebrate my heritage, and join an establish community which seeks to enrich its members in whichever way desired.


In my role as Vice-President, I aim to ensure each member gets the most out of their society by using the resources given to them, asking questions, and suggesting ideas to increase our following. My job also includes making sure each committee member fulfills their roles effectively, and efficiently. Lastly, I would encourage prospective students to earnestly consider coming to York, for its educational prestige, and the endless opportunities to exploit.

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